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  • Trajka Condor
    The new generation of Condor trikes
    You do not have to wait, trikes available immediately!
  • Silnik
    Engine power B&S Vanguard
    Our tuned engine has 58 HP and 155 kg of thrust!


The two-person Condor, a carefully crafted and made trike, is the basis of our company’s offer. Engine has been tuned by “MotoParaFly tuning” to 50HP (58HP EFI version)







  • Thoughtful and very strong construction is made of stainless steel and aluminium-alloys, making it very light. Comfortable seats, carbon made cockpit for instruments and gauges in combination with a strong, economical, very low vibration and low noise engine, makes flying a pleasure.


Perfect Balanceee

Trajka ma stały środek ciężkości, przez co nie wymaga przesuwania podwieszenia dla każdego pasażera osobno.









  • We have all the necessary certificates for our tramps, which proves that they were made with great care.